The Doctor Gave Me 2 Months To Live, If I Don’t Undergo The Treatments

“The doctor gave me two months to live if I don’t undergo the treatment. How can I count the days until my end when I am only 6 years old?”

Believe me, we have tried everything. Dad and Mom turned to all their friends, took out all the savings, and even sold the house but still, we aren’t able to raise the full amount needed for the experimental treatment that can save my life. Yesterday the doctor said to my Mom: “I’m sorry to tell you, but if nothing is done, your Maria will have two more months to live, and even that is not a sure thing.” Mom swallowed the tears and said, “We did everything we could!” So I went to Mom and begged her, I cried to her not to give up on me. That I know they have tried all they could but there must be another way to save my life. I can feel the tumor. I have it in my head and I understood even without an X-ray that the tumor from my abdomen has already reached my brain. I don’t want to wait for the end, I don’t want to. I want to live; I want to grow. I haven’t given up on my dreams of returning to being a normal girl yet. Our appeal to you is our last chance to get the amount, if we fail to raise the money I will just have to sit and wait for the end.

Please, every day I am scared. And I want to live! So much. Please, give me a chance to live, you are my last chance to get the Money for the experimental treatment
Donate to Save Maria.

The association “Path to the Heart” was founded to help sick children and their families in their time of need.
We help them fund expensive treatments and provide financial and emotional support during this period until recovery is reached.
Non-profit number: 44363196

If donation funds pass the amount needed for Maria, the funds will be redirected to assistance in similar cases and/or activities that are handled by the association.
Fund-raising regulations can be found on the association’s website.

Help me reach the goal before it’s too late😭🙏